Biden in 2020: 'We don't have a food shortage problem, we have a leadership problem’


A nother day, another Biden lie exposed from when he was campaigning for president.

At a town hall in May 2020, when discussing food shortages during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Biden’s Twitter account posted a video from a virtual town hall that blamed all food shortages on the Trump administration. “We don't have a food shortage problem, we have a leadership problem,” Biden said.

I’d say “pot meet kettle,” Mr. Biden, but that pot and kettle are probably stored somewhere in a ship off the coast of California.

“One of the reasons why we’re not getting material and food to people’s tables is because there’s no way to get it transported to there. We don’t know how to manage what’s going on,” Biden said at the time. Biden emphasized that it was a "lack of leadership" causing food shortages, repeating the phrase multiple times during the video. However, after being elected president, Biden is facing food shortages of his own and is singing a different tune.

“Hunger today isn’t about scarcity, it’s about massive failure in leadership,” Biden said in 2020.

But, in 2021, President Joe Biden shifts the blame to others, saying that major retailers and freight haulers needed to “step up.” The Biden administration has a stated plan to face these challenges that sounds an awful lot like President Trump’s plan in 2020. Then again, Biden does have a history of plagiarism .

When it comes to Biden’s words on how he would handle the pandemic, candidate Biden’s words have repeatedly contradicted President Biden’s actions. I guess being in D.C. for nearly half a century taught Biden how to exploit tragedies for personal gain.

Voters elected Biden because he sold them on his vast experience in government. He made them think he could handle COVID-19 better — he hasn't. On issue after issue, his administration has looked unprepared and disorganized. Many of the criticisms of Trump that Biden offered during his campaign apply just as well or better to him now.

"Build Back Better" apparently has multiple meanings, one of which must have been “lie to get elected president.”

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Bruce Cregger

Well Biden, what say you now. You have not delivered on a single thing, but creating a mess with everything you have touched.


This is the problem. Food shortages. Gas prices chaos in the country. Americans left to die a horrible death in A country the president left them there ???

Badboy Goodhabits

I don’t agree with him on much but I can certainly support this statement. His lack of leadership is directly affecting the Americans he swore to help. He’s running out country exactly as his puppeteers would have him do. Most Americans don’t see who is behind this, however many are starting to ask the question and it won’t be long until they too know the truth!


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