Trump's stolen election lie is on the ballot in 2022, thanks to these candidates

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleThe future of U.S. elections is on the ballot in 2022, largely because former President Donald Trump can’t let go of the past. “The single biggest issue — the issue that gets the most pull, the most respect, the biggest cheers — is talking about the election fraud of 2020’s presidential...

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Robert Dougherty

Why is it that the Fake News will not show all the Fraud found in the Audits... How about the truth about what happened in Pennsylvania... You Democrats are so brainwashed that you can't accept that you are being used...

Mr Davis4010

After almost a year why is this still a thing, if the GOP really believed in this why aren't they all on board with it instead of using it as a political donation scam. All this money they say they need to keep the fight going is going straight to someone's pocket and not the cause. People who donate need to find out what their money is really being used for.


I'm sorry....I will never believe slow joe biden, not only won the election...but got more votes then any other president...EVER...He ran twice before and nobody wanted his dummass..biden/Harris never even campaigned...They knew the fix was in...


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