Former Pelicans Head Coach Stan Van Gundy On Kyrie Irving: "He's Not Giving A Voice To The Voiceless. I'm Not Buying That."

Cover picture for the articleKyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets have been at the center of the NBA media world, thanks to Irving's unwillingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Perhaps the craziest part of the whole situation is that Irving himself claims he is not anti-vaxx. Rather, he says he's against the strict protocols that...

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Carol Quinones

And this is one will have to wear a yellow star on their clothing. this is not about vaccinated vs unvaccinated. you can still get covid being vaccinated. Look at Israel. CDC is not doing their job but are in bed with pharma. whose protecting America. this is not the on Mandates...This is about Freedom.. This is America!!!!!


There's probably not a thing in the world Kyrie Irving and I agree on, except for this. I'm not anti-vax. I've actually been vaccinated. I am against government forcing people to do things against their will.

Jock Strap

How is he not giving a voice to the voiceless? Just a year ago healthcare workers were hero’s. Today if they do not get a vaccination they will be unemployed! GTFOH!


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