Alfonso Morales sworn in as chief of the Fitchburg Police Department

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TMJ4 News

On Friday Milwaukee's former chief of police was sworn in as the new chief of the Fitchburg Police Department, in the suburbs of Madison.

This comes after the Fitchburg Police and Fire Commission voted 3-2 last month in favor of hiring Morales.

Morales recently accepted a financial settlement from the City of Milwaukee over his controversial demotion from the force amid tensions with Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission. When the FPC demoted him to captain, Morales resigned. Morales and the city fought an extensive legal battle until a judge ruled in Morales's favor in May. Milwaukee County Judge Chris Foley ruled then that the city must reinstate Morales or give him a settlement. The city eventually signed off on a $627,000 settlement for Morales.

Since then, Morales had been looking for a new job, until he found the new one in Fitchburg.

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Dani Rivera

Congratulations Chief Morales!!! Do Milwaukee proud!!! The majority of us are very proud of you!!!!

Peter Wanglue

Congratulations Chief Morales, Killwaukee didn't deserve your services. Look, what a mess since they let you go. Reckless drivers, Murders. These are the top 2 in Killwaukee.


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