Biden blamed Trump 'leadership' for shortages during COVID, won't accept blame now as leader: 'The Five'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden roundly criticized then-President Donald Trump during a rush on toiletries and other goods in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, but now that exponential inflation and a supply chain crisis has set in, the Delaware Democrat fails to be circumspect in that regard, the panel on "The Five"...

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Thomas Beck

Bidens been in the big seat for 10 months now. It's all on him. All of his failures. Afghanistan, border debacle, economy, supply chain disaster, fuel prices through the roof, higher overdose deaths, higher covid deaths, higher murder rates, should I continue. 😒🙄

trump 2024

demonrats never accept their own downfalls. Obama was President for 8 years and continually blamed bush. you would think in a better part of it decade, he would have to take responsibility

Red White and Blue ??

The shortages during the Trump administration were caused by democrats who just wanted to prolong things to be able to use it for leverage during the election. Fact being that in NY where they were complaining of respirator shortages Cuomo came right out and stated they have enough they are just in storage. When will people wake up and see the democrats are the cancer to this country!


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