Deontay Wilder finally makes it right with Tyson Fury


Cover picture for the articleTyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder in the third fight between the two heavyweights last Saturday, and it took Wilder nearly a week to finally congratulate his rival. Despite the delay,...

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Beast of the East

I love Tyson Fury, and Wilder made the perfect heel. There trilogy was unnecessary. after the 2nd fight, I knew Wilder couldn't beat Fury. out of 3 fights, wilder won maybe 3 rounds at the most. Fury won some of wilders best rounds. Ali- Frasier was easily the greatest trilogy.


I’m tempted to say it’s too little too late… But a warrior takes some time to come down from the combat high that he is in… That being said, my respect for him has gone up a couple of notches. It would’ve been better if he did it right then and there, but I get the competitive spirit and competitive will. I’m glad he was able to reflect enough to on the loss as a post to make more excuses. I give him props for that as well


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