Britney Spears Makes Veiled Threat To Expose Family Secrets In Tell-All Interview, Declares 'Lord Have Mercy' On Their 'Souls'

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Cover picture for the articleAs Britney Spears is slowly freeing herself from the conservatorship shackles she’s been locked in for nearly 13 years, the pop icon is finding her voice and speaking out. “I'll just be honest and say I've waited so long to be free from the situation I’m in… and now that it's...

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William Fortner

She needs to be freed from what she's under but on the same hand if she need medication 💊 then I hope she keeps that a top priority

Patti Purr

Britney just think about that because you can’t put the Jeanie back in the bottle. Maybe talk it out with a therapist first. I went through a similar situation and I am so grateful that I spoke to my therapist about it first. You are very angry right now relieved and have tons of emotions going on so just try to be a little more patient. Please remember this you are a beautiful woman don’t show your ugly lol you are who you are because of what you have done and that is to be an amazing talented woman who has entertained us beyond words! You are Gods gift to your Mom and Dad and they can only give you what they have to give. They are not perfect but they are yours. Please rethink what you are going to make public. Time heals all wounds! Just take it one day at a time and call me anytime. I have lived based on the biblical form of forgiveness forgive them not seven time but seven times seventy!! I often asked what do I do after that and it was just keep forgiving because that will heal

Dani Maldonado

fiance to personal trainer Sam..... what.... that's Britney Spears the princess of pop, do not refer to her as just some man's fiance...


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