Matt Holliday Makes His Case to Be the Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals

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FOX Sports Radio
Photo: Rob Foldy

Former MLB OF Matt Holliday joins Doug Gottlieb on The Doug Gottlieb Show. He breaks down the upcoming AL & NLCS, as well as weighing in on last night’s, ‘check swing’ that sent the Giants packing. He talks about what it takes to be a good coach and/or manager in baseball and puts his name in the hat for the vacant manger position in St. Louis. He thinks his connection to the franchise and his ability to lead men make him a strong candidate and he would definitely take the call if they reached out.

Matt Holliday: “When you talk about a chance to manage and a chance to be a part of an organization like the St. Louis Cardinals that I love and have been a part of...I think I could do it. And, if they called, I’d be thrilled to do an interview.”

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Thomas Walker

I love Matt Holiday. But I think the St Louis Cardinals are going to shift gears and KICK IN THE TURBO this time. Who wouldn't want this job? Their announcer Dan Mc? would take the mike and toss it. I'd TAKE the job if they offered it. Cheap too. But I'll have a SPARKY ANDERSON hook, when pitchers flounder. YADIER MOLINA is the BEST long term pick for me. He deserves iit. He is a CARDINAL through and through, just like me. That's WHY I know, he is THE MAN FOR THE MOMENT. PUJOLS WANTS THAT JOB TOO, and would retire post playoffs, but MOLINA is a TRUE CARDINAL. NO DOUBT.

James Livingston

José Oquendo has been in the organization longer than those other candidates. He knows how to manufacture runs. He has alot of pull with the front office. He is my pick.


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