One Of 'The Most Haunted Places' In The U.S. Is In Colorado

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It's the middle of October , and the scariest time of the season is coming up. That means haunted houses and attractions to get in the Halloween mood , but nothing can beat the real thing.

Conde Nast Traveler went coast to coast to find the most creepy places in the country. Nearly three dozen chilling locations made the list, including mansions, abandoned asylums, and even a city zoo. If you don't like ghosts, the fascinating history of these places will rope you in.

One haunting location in Colorado was also featured: The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park!

Many guests have recounted stories of paranormal occurrences in this decades-old hotel. More attention came to this location thanks to one of the most iconic horror stories of the 20th century.

Here's the backstory of this historic landmark:

"The Stanley Hotel's stately Georgian architecture and world-renowned whiskey bar have lured travelers to Estes Park since the hotel opened in 1909. But the Stanley reached new levels of fame after inspiring Stephen King's fictional Overlook Hotel from The Shining. That eerie association aside, many other ghost sightings and mysterious piano music have been connected to the hotel. The Stanley Hotel leans into its reputation quite cleverly, offering nightly ghost tours and psychic consultations from the in-house Madame Vera."

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