CDC publishes rates of COVID-19 cases, deaths by vaccine brand

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Cover picture for the articleThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published information on its COVID Data Tracker about rates of cases and deaths among fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In August, according to the data, unvaccinated people had a 6.1 times greater risk of testing positive for COVID-19, and an...

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Mike James

fake numbers to continually push the fake vaccine. face the facts - the vaccine does not protect, cure or stop the spread of the virus. event the vaccinated can become hospitalized and spread the virus, oh and die from covid-19.


Not to mention that they are using numbers from august which is a low month for deaths and respiratory cases in any given year. Cherry picking numbers to fit a narrative that can be easily ripped apart by anyone with some common sense amd has researched a few facts.

Sky Changes

The sheeple never notice how they use the word “fully” vaccinated.. that’s the hook.. what’s fully vaxed at this point? 1,2,3 shots? What they conveniently leave out is the fact they classify anyone that does not have the booster as unvaccinated.. I’m going to tell you, look at Australia. 💯 % of recent deaths and hospitalized are jabbed… this is the truth they conveniently talk around in the US.. and Idk if you’ve noticed.. the jabbed are starting to act strange and fearful.. because no way could they have been fooled or harmed short or long term.. the fear of the realization of what’s been put into their body and how they’ve been conned is coming to the surface..


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