Biden press secretary Jen Psaki may have violated ethics law with comment on Virginia race, watchdog says


Cover picture for the articleWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki may have violated a law barring executive branch employees from partisan politicking, a government ethics watchdog said. Psaki allegedly violated the Hatch Act when she affirmed President Joe Biden's support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, according to a complaint filed by CREW....

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Lisa Seng

She could say or do anything. Just like the Bidens. Like all Democrats. There would be Nothing Done about it. Hillary is the Number 1 example. Benghazi…. Hillary said. What does it matter now. She destroyed over 66 thousand emails After being told Not to. I’ve had enough.


What are you talking about?? The whole Biden Administration is an ethics violation- every day for 9 months!! Biden for decades!!


And even though it was on the news, millions of ppl saw it, heard her exact words, realized the ethics violation, she will pull the plausible deniability card - the old biden stand by. Everyone knows that biden is somehow connected to the money his son made in China, as well as all the laws he is breaking every single day with this illegal immigration and border catastrophe, but since he doesn't see it, won't go to see it, in his world, it's not happening and is a success like Afgahnistan. So, if they believe their own lies, which are too many to list, after awhile, they seem true - to mainstream media as well as they don't report facts anymore. So Jen will have plausible deniability and in a week, it'll be over and done with and it'll be onto the next big lie.


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