Ron DeSantis Says Biden's Vaccine Mandates Will 'Plunge People Into Destitution'

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Florida's governor has vowed to sue if the Biden administration enacts a proposal mandating that businesses require workers to get vaccinated or undergo weekly coronavirus...

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Sue Phillips

But it's ok, for people that don't want this vaccine to lose their jobs and their lively hood right??? All because Biden has to rule.. When in February Biden said there was no way he'd mandate the vaccine, then he flip flopped..


polio is very rare, very few people ever even contacted Polio. And, the vaccination for polio was an actual vaccine containing the dead virus much different fun what we are dealing with today. Covid is not comparable to Polio as the untested, unapproved shots being pushed for Covid are not true vaccinations which is why people who receive the shots are still susceptible to Covid and boosters are being pushed 3 & 4x. They don't know what they're doing with the covid shot hence the distrust.

Cecilia Moreno

This country is in danger if all allow the mandates to continue. This country will not be free and will slowly turn into Cuba or China. They will tell us how to live our lives. Who wants that? That's the reason many immigrate to our country because it has freedoms. Do we want them to tell us how much groceries to buy? Or what to believe, Or how to behave? That's why we do not agree with mandates.


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