Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustments: Too High For Our Own Good

Cover picture for the articleFor the longest time, I’ve wondered whether Social Security is a dependable source of income for traditional retirees. As someone still over 22 years away from being able to collect, it’s hard to believe in the system given it is already underfunded by ~22%. Therefore, when the Social Security...

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RE Barganier Parkman Gott

too high?medicare part b is going up 6.2%people on socsec were promised a COLA of 6.2% in Augustnow the COLA is only 5.9%meaning people on SocSec have to pay out of their own rapidly thinning pockets the rest of the cost.that meager COLA does NOTHING but make poverty a guarantee and any assistance a carrot.

Bob Totten

lol. They are spending trillions. I’ll take the cash. The House of Cards is going to come down anyways. Get it while the getting’s good. Joe is sinking the country. I really don’t care anymore.

Flo,Gotta have it

$92 you should be ashamed of yourself is no way possible you can live with 841 in New York City that should have just kept that such a bad person that's why you see so many crimes and so many homeless people


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