Watch Camila Cabello sing with mariachis and congueros for her Tiny Desk concert


Camila Cabello was the latest performer invited to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, which, is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month . She performed alongside a band made up of Mexican mariachis and Cuban congueros, making her concert a stand-out in the series from the get-go.


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Camila kicked off her Tiny Desk concert with her biggest hit, “Havana,” which she performed alongside her band in Miami, playing next to floor-to-ceiling windows with views to the ocean. She then sang some of her most famous songs, including “Señorita,” “Real Friends,” and her most recent single “Don’t Go Yet.” She reinterpreted her songs alongside her band, giving them a stripped-down treatment common for Tiny Desk concerts and a natural and Latin vibe that seem to be one of the major influences for her upcoming record.

“I’d just like to be transparent and say I might sound a little nasally and that’s because, for Tiny Desk, I’ve acquired a tiny sinus infection.” She explained that she didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to do Tiny Desk since she’s a huge fan of the series. “Here I am. Hopefully, next time, we’ll do it at the Tiny Desk actual NPR office, without the tiny sinus infection.”

Camila Cabello has been nominated for a variety of Grammys and has achieved incredible feats, including breaking records with her song “Havana,” which became the most played song of all time by a female performer, and “Señorita,” which she sang alongside her boyfriend Shawn Mendes and became the biggest debut from a male/female duo in history.

Camila’s upcoming record is titled “ Familia ” and it’s her third album. While she announced it back in July, there’s still no release date.

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