All of Liverpool’s Midfielders: Ranked


This list will take into consideration how these midfielders have played so far and what potential they have to impact results for the team this season.

7.) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
(Photo by Mark Cosgrove/News Images/Sipa USA)

This is Oxlade-Chamberlain’s fifth season at the club and what does he have to show for it? A few admittedly fantastic goals from a couple of years ago and that’s it really.

Ox has never found enough form to make a consistent stay in the starting team and probably will never be able to reach the standards we have came to expect of our players.

There is nothing Ox can offer that would make Liverpool better and this season should be a farewell to the TikTok star.

6.) James Milner
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This man is consistent as he is old and he is very old and very average when playing in midfield.

Milner has been putting in good efforts when filling in at fullback this season but his cameos in midfield have been poor at best. The versatile veteran can’t provide any positive input going forward and has often been caught sleeping with his defensive duties.

There is no way Number seven should be starting for a title challenging team in 2021. I really like James Milner but his time at Liverpool should be coming to a conclusion soon enough.

5.) Jordan Henderson
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This may come to a surprise to some. If it does, welcome to reality. Henderson’s performances this season is what ranks him so low in this list.

Liverpool’s Captain’s defensive efforts this season have no doubt caused the Reds to concede goals and even drop points. Not only has Henderson been poor defensively but he has created a new trademark to rival the ‘Hendo Shuffle’; it’s what I like to call ‘Repetitive first time crosses that can’t beat the first man and cause Liverpool to lose possession when in threatening attacking positions’. It’s not really that catchy but it’s true.

Every player ahead of Hendo on this list is better at passing, dribbling and defending and has proved that this season. Henderson is entering the twilight of his career and should find himself on the bench more often than not. I would legitimately prefer to play a different formation and drop Henderson rather than starting him in a midfield three.

4.) Naby Keïta
(Photo by Mark Cosgrove/News Images/Sipa USA)

Naby Deco Keïta is outstanding at helping Liverpool win games. Here are some statistics to justify Naby lad’s ranking in this list.

36% of Liverpool’s Premier League goals since the start of the 2020/21 season have came in games that Keïta has started. In the 35 league games Naby has started since joining Liverpool, The Reds have averaged 2.6 goals per match. In the 115 games the unicorn hasn’t started, Liverpool have averaged 1.36 goals per match.

Mané’s mate is crucial to Liverpool’s attack and this has gone unnoticed for a long time. When every player is fit, Naby needs to be considered to start and should start unless the next player on the list is in rich form.

3.) Curtis Jones
(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

CJ has been fantastic when given the opportunity this season and his form has got him so high on the list. Jones has four goal involvements in his past four games and has been vital to what success we have achieved recently.

Before this season, Curt would have struggled to crack the top three in this list but he has came on leaps and bounds from the player we saw last season.

Hopefully, Jones can keep up this form and propel himself to a regular starter for the side.

2.) Thiago
(Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA)

Thiago is potentially the best on the ball midfielder the Kop has seen for years. The passing Picasso has put to shame the workhorse midfield of Liverpool’s past and has really added some finesse to the side.

Little T may not get assists but he does make passes that would seem astronomically tough for another midfielder. Thiago’s football IQ is on levels that have only been dreamed of by lesser players; the Spaniard could thread a pass through the legs of a catholic nun.

I believe Thiago would walk into any team in the premier league and should definitely start every game possible for Liverpool.

1.) Fabinho
(Photo by Mark Cosgrove/News Images/Sipa USA)

What is there to say about this beautiful bald baller. Fabinho is a defensive mastermind that could stop a tornado from getting past him if he wanted to. Fabinho could reach all the way across the Great Wall of China with his go-go gadget legs. Fabinho is just really good.

El Flaco has also proved his worth when attacking as he has already chipped in with a goal and an assist this season. Passing wise, Fab is very underrated and could make a claim as the third best at creating chances (behind Thiago and Naby).

Genuinely, Fabinho may be one of the best midfielders Liverpool have had since the turn of the century and we need to cherish our Dyson hoover.

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