More Cumulus Employees Let Go After Refusing To Abide With Vaccine Mandate.

Cover picture for the articleAnother Colorado Springs radio host who refused to abide by the Cumulus Media vaccine mandate has been terminated. Tron Simpson, a weekend host at “NewsRadio 740” KVOR, who also did weekends for co-owned classic rock KKFM (98.1), is no longer with the company. Simpson claims he had doctor’s orders...

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This is so wrong! Tron Simpson had had COVID-19 and had proof that he had antibodies against COVID-19 because having had the virus. I don't know about Her Crank. However, having or not having the vaccine should be a decision that one makes it themselves and not mandated by anyone including the most incompetent President this nation has ever had. The only mandate that should be imposed s that our President be tested or Dementia by a doctor the public chooses and the results made public. Neither if these hosts should be dropped from KVOR's roster of Talk Show Hosts! Bring them back!


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