This Common Vitamin Could Stop Lower Back Pain in Its Tracks

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Jolting awake, Barbara Farfan felt a stabbing pain shoot from her hip down her left leg. What is happening to me? she worried and quickly tried a series of stretches, hoping for relief. But to her dismay, the agony got worse. An international pet-sitter, the Seattle native was staying...

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Nurse from WI

I wish it was this simple to treat lower back pain with sciatica. If it was that easy everyone could take it and be cured.

anne Donovan

I used to work at a heath food store. we had customers who swore that vitamin c was the only thing that helped their sciatica. everyone's body is different so it might not work for everyone. vitamin c is a natural anti inflammatory and anti histamine. timed release c is best because it releases the vitamin into your system gradually throughout the day. hope this helps.

Bill Walser

Hitting your finger with a hammer brings some relief from back pain. At least until your finger quits hurting.


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