When do I need to turn my clocks back for daylight saving time 2021?
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You know that daylight saving time is coming up when it gets dark by, like, four o’clock in the evening. And for those of you who still use manual clocks as opposed to solely an iPhone, when you need to make that hour “fall back” is probably lingering in the back...

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Gayle Mc Cormack Sylvia

They need to stop doing this in Massachusetts. We are one of the farthest out in the east and it gets dark way to early. Don’t understand how we are saving energy if we have to put our lights on at 4:00 pm.


we shouldn't. it needs to be stopped, we don't need it. it messes up medicine time. your sleep, suicide is higher depression is higher. it make you sick. it gets dark at normal hour. STOP DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. ITS KILLING US..

Johnny Cox

Only the government thinks they could take an hour off of the morning and put it on the evening and think it will make the day longer. The concept of this has always evaded me. Farmers like it when the sun comes up at 6 am and most people should so our children don't have to get on the bus in the dark. You have so many hours of daylight and so many hours of dark. So how does moving an hour either way make it save daylight?


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