Meghan Markle latest news – Fans upset as Prince Harry and Duchess 'force Lilibet to miss adorable royal tradition'

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Lisha in Tx

I would guess the “Royal fans” who feel that the baby should have a Royal christening are the fans who believe the Harkles can do no wrong. The Brits that I know firmly believe that the couple turned their backs on the Monarchy and are doing their very best to destroy it. They don’t think that the child should have a Christening in England period. They live in the US, they have used their titles for self-promotion and to get big contracts with companies who wouldn’t give them the time of day. They are of the Royal family, but are mere celebrities. Certainly not as important in the world scene as they might like to believe. They have traded tradition, family and country for money and celebrity.

Michael Levan

I know the people in the US can tell she ( megan) pulled the pregnant scam on harry and he fell for it, you know she was pregnant before they got married and now she will hold those children as hostages for money the rest of her life iv seen it so many time in my life thru high school thru now i just pray harry put his foot down and go back to england and fofulls his place in his family

Laurie Gerhard

Harry and meghan do not wish to be part of his English heritage. I doubt they go to church here in America. So thier daughter does not need a baptism. Maybe when she gets older and if she goes to church she can get baptized. Harry and meghan need to make their own life, leave the past behind, grow up and get on with it.


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