'Thirst' grows for Trump White House insider info


When Team Trump left the White House, members found themselves canceled on social media, kicked off the political party circuit, and banned from New York publishing houses.

Initially, nobody seemed to care as Democrats embraced President Joe Biden and Republicans shucked politics, some feeling they were robbed in a corrupt election.

But less than nine months later, the desire among many conservatives for what really happened inside the Trump White House has opened the door to a new wave of books, podcasts, movies, and social media posts from key aides who have found a way around the liberal media’s gates.

“There's a genuine thirst for the truth about the Trump administration, particularly in the last year during the pandemic,” said Peter Navarro, an author, economist, and former President Donald Trump’s former trade and manufacturing czar.

Noting how New York has only offered critical books about Trump, he said, “Really, there hasn't been anybody who has offered the story from the Trump side of the ledger.”
Former Trump aide Peter Navarro has already pre-sold 200,000 copies of his upcoming book. AP Photo

Navarro has witnessed that thirst himself. The presidential confidant’s new book, In Trump Time: A Journal of America's Plague Year , isn’t being released until Nov. 2 and already has presales of over 200,000.

Navarro credits his use of new technology and his reputation as a plugged-in, straight shooter who took meticulous notes while serving Trump. He calls his a “book of revelations.”

Other books by key insiders including former chief of staff Mark Meadows and former national security aide Keith Kellogg are also doing well in advance sales.

Clearly, something is going on in conservative circles where Trump has revived an interest in his political efforts and sparked attention to Biden’s destruction of policies that worked well in the Republican’s administration.

Trumpers have found new outlets that get around the mainstream world that includes Facebook and Twitter. Former Trump aide Jason Miller’s Twitter-like platform GETTR has fast become home for many looking for conservative news. And other outlets, such as Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, have also exploded.

Navarro told us of a video test he did pitching his book on Twitter and GETTR that shows the influence of Miller’s new operation. “I put the same video on GETTR and Twitter. I've got over 180,000 followers on Twitter. I get literally a 10-1 greater response on GETTR. I call GETTR the Twitter killer,” he said.

Miller said that with the book and social media campaign, "Peter Navarro is taking a bunker-buster approach to Big Tech and the fake news media.”

GOP pollster John McLaughlin said he has found a growing interest in Trump’s accomplishments and a desire, even among some Democrats, for the former president to run in 2024. That, he added, has prompted a new interest in the Trump years.

“In the polling right now, there is real buyer's remorse,” McLaughlin said. Even some “people that supported Joe Biden are like, ‘We made a mistake.’ And so, there'll be an interest in Peter's book, and there will be an interest in more books that are positive for Trump.”

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mark miller

maybe like the truth that Trump told Bob Woodard on Feb 3, 2020? you know, when he was recorded telling Woodard that the virus was, "5x more deadly than a strenuous flu"? or maybe when he said, "this is deadly stuff Bob"? if Trump had come out day one and told the public what he told Bob Woodard in Feb 2020, I believe I know at least 3 friends who might still be here today. but he didn't. he told Woodard, "I like to downplay it.."Trump's handling of the pandemic was much like his handling of Trump University. lie. deceive. downplay. cause harm. then claim victory. then lie some more. he will go down as one of the very worst presidents we've ever had.

alberto saldivar

didn't Trump tell the world that if he lost the election we will probably never see him again just goes to show you it's one lie after another for 4 years he threw out more than 35,000 lies

Just here now

yeah the cult lives it. they talk of civil war bring back slavery since they are such good working people. hypocrisy. oh and throw around words like patriots and Christian beliefs.


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