Why Does Gi-hun Dye His Hair Red at the End of 'Squid Game'?


Cover picture for the articleIf you’ve been on the Internet within the last month, you’ve certainly seen the chatter surrounding the new hit Netflix show Squid Game. The dystopian Korean series created by Hwang Dong Hyuk is on track to become the most popular Netflix release of all time and is currently the number one...

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Jaxs Strickland

I think he did it because as a reminder to himself about how much blood was spilled because of the games and to keep him getting more and more angrier as he sees his self in a mirror or window because he will get the people in the red outfits and the man for this.

Juan Gardenz

he probably did it because the girl that saved the drunk homeless guy also red hair. a reminder that there is hope for humanity


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