Spencer Rattler: Car dealer that gifted Oklahoma QB two vehicles, weighs in on benching
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Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler might be losing his job to true freshman Caleb Williams, but for purposes of NIL deals, that might not matter too much.

The most marketable athlete in college sports based on social media statistics entered the season as the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. His position as the starter at “QB U” earned him two cars, gifted to the recognizable face by Fowler Automotive Group near Oklahoma City.

While the season has not gone as Rattler hoped, those that gifted him the cars are not too concerned who is under center for the Sooners when they take the field on Saturdays.

“Whether [Rattler] starts or doesn’t start, the truth is we didn’t go into the partnership just for a return on investment,” said Jonathan Fowler, president of Fowler Automotive, a third-generation car dealer in the region. “I hate that he’s having to go through this type of scrutiny as a student-athlete, but I certainly understand. I assume he does, too.”

Rattler will keep the cars for now and remains one of the highest-paid college athletes. Opendorse, a sports technology company which seeks to maximize a student-athlete’s value, projects the redshirt sophomore’s earning power is close to $800,000 this season.

Fowler believes neither side is at fault and being a quarterback, even if one is not the starter, in such a huge college football program has tremendous value irrespective of on-field performance.

“At the end of the day, it is a form of free advertising,” Fowler said. “My company hasn’t done anything wrong, Spencer hasn’t done anything wrong. There will be people that know our company.”

Williams is working on some NIL deals himself, and the news that he filed four trademark applications became public less than a week after his breakout performance against Texas.

Starter has not been named for contest with TCU

While the program has not formally released whether it will be Williams or Rattler on Saturday, all signs point one direction.

The debate between the two quarterbacks blew up yesterday after student reporters at Oklahoma used binoculars to watch Sooners practice. The student noticed Williams was taking the first-team reps, while Rattler was practicing with the second team. Head coach Lincoln Riley has since banned media access.

Rattler was benched for Williams in the second quarter of last week’s Red River Rivalry game against Texas after his second turnover of the day. Williams went on the lead the biggest comeback in the history of one of college football’s most storied rivalries, as the Sooners pulled out the 55-48 win.

For the moment, Rattler remains at Oklahoma, although there are transfer rumors swirling. The two quarterbacks are the only athletes at that position currently on scholarship.

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Marsha Trusty

He should have never gotten two vehicles, he isn't that good of a player or teammate. They say, "he is the most disliked player in college football."

Julie Kelley

sorry but rattler is loosing out to Williams. Williams has a better arm AND he's I. it for the team! he smiled through the whole game yesterday! kudos Williams!

Jerry Barton

Rattler wasn't performing as well as intended so the coach made the right move for the team and fans . Wishing Rattler the very best in everything and this could improve his marketability.


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