‘They are spooked’ – Covid cases are rising but no one in the government wants to talk about it

The Independent

Cover picture for the articleThe 45,066 new coronavirus cases announced on Thursday was the highest daily figure since 20 July, and the number is up 11 per cent on last week. The UK’s level of cases and deaths is the highest in Europe...

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Jack Handy

They are spooked because the Governments around the world have wage all out psychological and Bio-chemical attack on the world population and most of them are WAKING UP!!! BOOYAH!!! WORLDWIDE UNREST AND CIVIL WAR!!! DESTROY THE ENTIRE RULING CLASS!!!

Susan Smith

Wow! Thought the more you vaxxed your population, approximately 82% UK + who already had Covid, pretty high numbers, yet getting worse? Something is not working.

Vernon Jones

PLEASE READ!!! Isn't it amazing the "Washington Post" National Vaccination Distribution Graph [Source Washington Post], mathches Bitcoins last year performance via any Live Crypto platform (eg Robinhood) with a trackable 1yr chart?  People are dying to make Satoshi Nakamoto, I mean Mr Gates richer Via cryptocurrency (remember who told you this was coming) Now Before you call this a conspiracy, I dare you to do the side by side date of vaccine distribution to Bitcoin performance since the December 14 2020 vax release.


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