Pompeo says world is 'very concerned' America is 'leaving the international stage' under Biden foreign policy

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleFormer Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Biden's foreign policy "fails to understand" the "harsh reality" of good versus evil, warning, in an interview with Fox News, that without considering the "ramifications" of his administration's actions around the globe, "America will be diminished." Fox News spoke with the...

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That has to be a joke! Trump attacked every international organization America belongs to UN, NATO, WHO. He pulled America from the Paris accord and an internationally negotiated nuclear deal. Fox News is the reason a lot of conservatives are so poorly informed!

Buck Masterson

It's pretty sad when voting for president is like being between a rock and a hard spot. All I know is in the past 9 months I have been told I had to take experimental injections. I have watched as hundreds of thousands of people illegally cross the border and many, untested and unvaccinated for covid, are bussed around the country. I have watched the prices of gas and food skyrocket and begin to worry about paying for heat this winter. I have watched as the CDC uses an unusual protocol for counting covid deaths, one very inclusive and never used before, just to frighten people. Now Biden is demanding private businesses mandate the vaccine, usurping states' rights. I hear Biden wants to let the IRS snoop in my bank account if I spend more than 600 bucks. The way prices are rising, soon it will cost more than that for a bag of groceries.


Pompeo the Talibans say you should come for the rest of the pictures you all took together. Dumbass, you now have your voices back after 4 years under trump's hibernation.


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