Pramila Jayapal says of reconciliation and infrastructure bills that Democrats "will get it done" - "The Takeout"

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articleProgressive Caucus Chair Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal maintains that child care, Medicare expansion, prescription drug price limits, climate change, immigration, and affordable housing will remain in the slimmed-down social spending bill being negotiated between the White House and congressional Democrats. But she concedes some programs may have to be altered....

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Here in Fl

Well Pramila, the country says it WON’T go through. You and your band of Socialists can go back and run for re-election. The US does not need more Federal money flooding the system right now. Yes, we do need infrastructure, however, it should be a well thought out plan with both parties participating in the Bill. For the sake of our economy, it can wait until after the 2022 elections. The Squad is on borrowed time - time to clean the House!

Mike Spidel

If she's going to fix something she should fix her face. When she opens her mouth it dissapears. If the old squawker could fly she'd be a Screech Owl.


What she means by the Democrats will get it done is the complete destruction of America! That’s what she really means!


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