Queen Elizabeth's Doctors Deliver an 'Unfair' Warning Over the Monarch's Health


Cover picture for the articleQueen Elizabeth II has reached the ripe old age of 95, and with that has come some more restrictive health rules from her doctors. According to a report from Vanity Fair, the monarch Is being asked to forgo her favorite gin martinis. "The Queen has been told to give up her...

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I guest

Bottoms up Queen. Anyone that lives that long has earned the right of passage to have a drink or two or three a day, especially losing her husband, all the BS she’s gone through with MM, and let’s not forget son Andy. Good lord, have a couple cocktails.

Carla Sherman

O.M.G i hope she laughs that one off, as far as it seems, she is healthy for being 95( they must be part vampire, they all live for ever, lucky ones) let her have her drink at nite, sadly, she could pass any day, as could we all, but ,for her, from age, find someone else to talk about, she deserves to be happy as long as possible.

Tom Ahee

last time I checked, she is 95 years old. her mother made it to 101. just to stick it in their ear your majesty, drink a 4 loco.


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