Kris Floyd and Arcángel team up for new single, “Xkittlez”


One of the fastest rising stars in urban music, Kris Floyd , has teamed up with a certified legend of the genre, Arcángel , to release their brand new single, “Xkittlez.”

This is a big step in the Puertorican singer-songwriter’s career, joining forces with one of the biggest artists in Latin music to work on such a special song. Hola
“For me, it was a real moment of pride to work with Arcángel, to witness his professionalism. He is one of the biggest influences, not just for me, but for my generation, ” Kris said about this opportunity. “When Arcángel came out, he was an artist that many of us wanted to imitate. I heavily got into his work, and to reach this level in my career, to work with him, is to reaffirm that I am on the right path.” [Kris]

The music video for the single, directed by Tomas Stockton , was filmed in Miami, Florida, and shows the dynamics behind the scenes at a radio station where Arcángel works as an announcer. Hola

This collaboration is the latest single from Kris Floyd ’s upcoming EP, La Última Vez Que Me Viste , to be released under the record label NEON16. Kris describes the project, which will be available on streaming platforms on October 15, as “very personal and intimate.” The nine-track productioin features the artist delving into not only his love life, but other aspects of his personal and professional life. Hola

On the project, Floyd worked side-by-side with renowned producer Jota Rosa , utilizing reggaeton, rap, trap, and R&B rhythms. La Última Vez Que Me Viste features the already-released hits “Siempre Tarde, “Ser Libre,” and “Ser Ella,” which served as a preview for this highly-anticipated record. Hola

For Kris, the EP’s title track, “La Última Vez Que Me Viste,” evokes nostalgia for the professional path he’s traveled, which includes composing for huge artists including Selena Gómez , J Balvin , Yandel , and Thalía . Still, after producing song for other big names and making his own hits, Kris Floyd remains true to his commitment to maintaining the down-to-earthness of his origins. Hola
“It refers to the fact that there are those who know that I’ve worked with all those people, and perhaps they think that one is going to change because of that... But rather, I explain that I am still the same, in how I strive to continue growing professionally every day, but without abandoning my true essence, my simplicity .” [Kris]

He continued, “This EP means the closing of one stage and the beginning of another. It is my first project and I want people to know a little more about how I think on a deeper level. The opportunity to continue contributing art, and to continue expressing myself through music, is very valuable to me.”

La Última Vez Que Me Viste , including Kris Floyd and Arcángel’s collaboration “Xkittlez,” will be available on streaming platforms on Friday, October 15.


  • La Ùltima Vez Que Me Viste - “The last time you saw me”
  • 7/24
  • ¿Cuándo Vienes? - “When are you coming?”
  • Siempre Tarde - “Always Late”
  • Xkittlez
  • VIP Ser Ella - “VIP To Be Her”
  • Ser Libre - “To Be Free”
  • Ser Ella - “To Be Her”
  • Hablando de Ti - “Talking About You”

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