Trump asserts his dominance inside GOP, pushing Republicans to embrace his false claims of fraud

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleFormer president Donald Trump has in the past week threatened electoral defeat for Republicans who dismiss his election falsehoods, inserted himself into the Virginia governor’s race to the delight of Democrats, and promised to root out disloyal GOP officials in legislative primaries in Arizona and Michigan. With more than...

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DR Just me

Time will not be kind to trump. He knows his freedom is slipping away. He tells republicans now not to vote in 22 & 24. Why? For revenge. He pulls the republicans down to his level and is out to destroy them. He goes down - they go down. He can then turn and blame them. He has them painted in a corner and plans to destroy the party. If he can’t have they won’t either.

Bonnie Joseph

The RepubliKlans showed their true colors when they jumped on the Trump wagon. Turns out Nazi colors and RepubliKlan colors are the same.

Lucky Phelps

trumpliqon party members are not the same as traditional republican candidates. they have been fooled and they believe everyone else will be also. traditional republicans also would never have been so accepting of the kind of character that trmp shows. his support is less than half of the party which is down from when he was in office. as time passes, he will show how far down he is willing to drag the party just to prove he is in charge. if the traditional ( low taxes, limited govt, strong defense, personal responsibility and so forth. the party that walked it's own president out in 74.) party doesn't stand up to this insurgence, the party will became a trivia question in the not too distant future.


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