Go On An Overnight Ghost Hunting Adventure At The House On The Hill, One Of The Most Haunted Houses In Missouri

Only In Missouri
Only In Missouri

Have you ever wandered through a neighborhood, caught sight of a home, and wondered about its past – who may have lived there, what their lives might have been like, and what happened to them? Those who pass The House on the Hill, also known as The Beattie Mansion in Missouri, may see little more than a rather non-descript house that’s been part of the neighborhood for more than a century. However, what’s said to go on behind the front door is far more than most people would ever imagine.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.
Perched atop a hill in St. Joseph, The Beattie Mansion's early days gave little clue that it would one day become one of the most haunted houses in Missouri.
Armstrong and Eliza Beattie built the grand home. Prominent members of the community, Armstrong became the city's mayor five times and served as its very first banker. Life was good until 1878 when Armstrong died; Eliza passed just two years later.
After that, their beloved home would change ownership numerous times, first providing a safe place to stay for the area's downtrodden and homeless. By 1895, however, it served the area's elderly population.
For the next century, the home would house the elderly before it became a group home for those suffering from mental health issues and recovering addicts.
Finally, in 2004, the home changed hands again with the new homeowners planning to convert it into a bed and breakfast. Only one thing posed a problem: The spirits who remain in the home spooked construction workers so bad, many would not enter the home again.
Paranormal investigators have found the home teeming with the paranormal, although the spirits who remain aren't evil. Today, you can even book an overnight stay to see if you run into any of these tortured souls.
Chances are pretty high that you'll run into Eliza, especially if you spend time on the second floor. That's where she hangs out. A child has also been heard laughing on that floor, too.
Be prepared, if you're in the kitchen, to see quite a few apparitions - both those of children and adults - who like to come in and out of the room.
If you're really brave, venture down to the basement - the most haunted area in the home. A male spirit lives there, and he apparently has fun teasing visitors.
Visit the official website of Beattie Mansion to learn more and to book a stay. Or, go here for Facebook.

Have you ever been to any of the most haunted houses in Missouri, like The House on the Hill? Share your experience in the comments! Did you know you can also spend the night at the Walnut Street Inn, said to be teeming with the paranormal, too?

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