R&B Artist Nevaeh Jolie Comes Out As Trans, Changes Pronouns To He/Him

Cover picture for the articleNevaeh Jolie, a rising R&B singer best known for the song "Screwed Up" with A Boogie wit da Hoodie, has officially come out as a transgender man. Nevaeh told fans on Tuesday following National Coming Out Day, announcing that he will be using he/him pronouns from now on. "It’s...

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Fuck reparations

No such thing as transgender!! That's a made up word by crossdressing lier's with mental issues ! You can't change DNA/ gender no matter what you want or try to do or what lies ya try to sell!!!

Your Daily News

Confusing much. Born Male Comes out Trans, Call Him/He, hormone therapy to look like a woman, dress like a woman??? So if a person uses Her/She pronouns that would offend He/Him??? I'm confused 😕 😐 🤔

Michael Roeglin

You do you... Do what makes you happy! But, putting it out in a public forum wasn't a brilliant idea in my mind. Certain things should remain personal and not shared with the whole world, that is of course if you're an unknown up and coming Artist looking to make a name for yourself!... Cough.. Cough. (SMH)


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