Bigger Social Security checks could accelerate the timeline toward insolvency

CBS Austin

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON (SBG) — The Social Security Administration's Wednesday announcement that it was increasing benefits by 5.9% next year was a welcome relief for millions of fixed-income Americans who have been hard-hit by the last year of inflation. While providing a slight buffer to the nation's retirees, it also brought the program...

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Caylee Manor

Republicans keep borrowing money from the system and democrats are just as guilty of it cut congresses pay checks put it into social security problems solved 😉

Janice Smith

the 5.9% might be a big raise for people who have a bigger monthly check but for my little 762.00 only means 44.96 more a month groceries and gas have gone up triple we will still be lucky if we can even go to a dr or by medicine, there ort to be a base line amount to draw bc ID like to see the government live off of my Lil security wouldn't be going down if the government would have quit dipping in it and never replacing it back...yeah our government looks out for every other occupation but the elderly or disabled citizens....


Threats, threats, threats....that's all Democrats have ever done is to threaten seniors that know where this country is heading and that so many fought to protect this nation from! How about threatening Welfare for a change


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