Ralph Northam 'Truly Stunned' by GOP Rally That Pledged Allegiance to January 6 Flag

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Event attendees were led in the Pledge of Allegiance before an American flag that organizers said was at Donald Trump's January 6...

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The definition of a coup is a political uprising in which power changes hands or a successful strategic move. An example of a coup is when rebels overthrow the government.Power never changed hands. How do unarmed civilians take over a government?? Your type of thinking is just as bad as saying, "Stop the Steal." Y'all have your own Big Lie. Congratulations ❣️❣️❣️

Carol Ann

Disgusting, if you don’t like america and democracy then just leave the country so the rest of us can enjoy our freedoms, rights and democracy

Shawn Miller

us Trump supporters didn't start anything Biden administration started it all with his dangerous lies antifa was the ones doing the damage breaking things Trump supporters tried to stop them there is video evidence of this and another thing why was Nancy Pelosi son in-law in the crowd of people why ain't he locked up yes there is video proof of that also you people need to see the real truth instead of these bogus lies your being told Trump put America first Biden puts America last he can't even put a whole sentence together without someone telling him what to say when he is questioned why does he run from it or someone stops them from asking him questions is it dementia


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