Family who believed ‘negative stuff’ about vaccine gets the shot after losing 8 family members in 6 months

Lawrence Post
Lawrence Post
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After watching one too many loved ones die from COVID-19, one family made the decision to finally get the vaccine. Like many people, Billy and Tara fell victim to the “negative stuff” being spread online about the vaccine, but after Tara’s aunt, Betty, died, the family had enough. Over six months,...

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Elizabeth Hill

What a tragic story & condolences to the family.. But I think they all must have had pre existing conditions as to why they all died.I still have no intentions of the getting the "vaccine". I will continue to have faith in God & my body...! May U all be blessed & make the choice U feel is necessary for U and you're family.

Williemae Harrell

Well a sweet young lady we know from my hometown was just buried today leaving behind three daughters , from this deadly virus and a week or so before she pass she told everyone to get vaccinated , It sadden me because now her babies have to grow up without her, you can die with or without the vaccine but I would rather chance my life with the vaccine, and praying to God to keep me and my loves shielded from any and all evil that surrounds us .


I know a lot of people who had covid-19 some made it some didn't but the symptoms are horrible and coronavirus been around for a long time it just changed its names. I have my doubts about that shot as well but I know a lot of people are getting sick and they're telling them that they've been exposed to it something got to stop because we're going on 2 years with this stuff it knock the whole world out of order.


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