‘RHOBH’ Fans Are Praying For Dorit Kemsley’s Firing

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RHOBH fans are saying a little prayer for Dorit Kemsley. No, they’re not wishing her well. Rather, they’re praying for her to get fired. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans are fed up over the way that Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley went after Garcelle Beauvais. The duo...

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Ruby Brooks Gibson

I have never liked Rihanna or Doritos bully behavior. I don't think they are racist. But I do think they jump on the new girl as a way to get more attention for themselves. Lisa Rinna is the worst with Dorit and Erica and including Kyle bringing up the rear. All four should be fired they are all bullies and are not enjoyable to watch.


Garcelle vs Dorit celebrity boxing 👌 Rinnas next .Kyle is a snake in the grass a true disappointment to friends and family!

Cassandra Newhardt

Andy Cohen has allowed for too long for things to be done along with other producers Ando seriously and obviously they take 6 or 8 hours of filming each day and edit it for shock about you so it's just as much in the shock value of what how they edited to make it look like a person could be racist massage and a stick mistake but labeling a black woman aggressive or any minority Is is a typical stereotype I do believe that Lisa renna has gotten away with too much stuff for too long and Has no respect for the actors which they are actors in there's in it


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