Biden says number of unvaccinated Americans 'unacceptably high,' insists mandates 'working'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden on Thursday said the number of unvaccinated Americans still remains "unacceptably high," but insisted that his administration's vaccine requirements for the federal workforce and private employers are "working" to ensure more individuals receive shots to protect against COVID-19. During remarks from the White House Thursday, the president...

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Cassius King

Healthcare worker shortage? Fire more people. Supply chain breaking? Fire more people. This is either utter stupidity, or by design, but it must stop, regardless. 99.97% survival rate; stop this madness and get back to normal!

Julie Dorn Bieganski

It is unacceptable that he has ruined our country in 9 short months...IF THAT RECONCILIATION BILL PASSES IT WILL BE THE FINAL NAIL IN OUR COUNTRY'S COFFIN!

Danny Rosinski

I 100% refuse to get vaccinated no matter what. I will stand my ground and I hope everyone else who feels the same will too. this is purely authoritarian and is the opposite of what the United States stands for. at least for us who remember what it used to mean to be an American.


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