Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Wife Francie Stands By Him As He Updates His Brian Laundrie Search

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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife Francie showed her support to the reality star, as he offered an update on his hunt to catch Brian Laundrie.

The search is still on for Brian Laundrie, but Dog The Bounty Hunter is taking a step back from his hunt. The 68-year-old reality star, whose real name is Duane Chapman, put off his honeymoon with his new wife Francie, 52, to try to find Brian, who has a warrant out for his arrest after his fiancé Gabby Petito’s body was found in Wyoming. Dog and Francie posed for photos along with a new interview with The Sun on October 13, where he gave an update on his search.

Dog and Francie tied the knot back at the start of September. The reality star announced that he’d joined the viral search for Gabby’s 23-year-old fiancé at the end of September, interrupting the pair’s honeymoon in Florida. “We came down here and I said to Francie ‘Honey, it’s eight hours away. Honey, I need it so bad. My skin is crawling, I’m getting goose bumps. I’m having those dreams FREEZE I GOT YOU BOY! I’m having those kinds of dreams Francie,” he told The Sun. In the photos, the pair looked prepared for the hunt, both in all-black with trees behind them. Dog was wearing a button-down vest, black camo pants and his signature sunglasses. Francie sported a t-shirt and pants as well as a black baseball cap.
Dog and Francie posed for photos in an interview with ‘The Sun’ regarding the search for Brian Laundrie. (The Sun/News Licensing / MEGA)

Dog said that Francie had given him permission to put their celebration on hold and go find Brian, and the pair encountered wildlife like snakes, gnats, mosquitoes and alligators while searching for him in the Sunshine State. “The one of the last reasons that I want to catch him- so I could continue my honeymoon. I hope that’s not any disrespect to anybody involved in this case because it’s terrible, but that’s where we stand now, in our honeymooning,” he said.

While Dog said he wanted to catch Brian to get back to his honeymoon, he did have to put a stop to his investigation on October 11, after hurting his ankle, according to TMZ. He went back to his home in Colorado to have his doctor look at it. Other than the search, Dog also said that with the coroner’s report stating that Gabby died after being strangled, it would be in Brian’s best interest to turn himself over. “His best decision now would be to turn himself in,” he told The Sun. “[His parents] need to be doing more to signal Brian to stop running.”

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so creepy . He replaced the dead spouse with a virtual clone . Anyway , this is wife # 5 , yeah good luck with that . He must be miserable to be around .

Suzanne LaDue

why is he dressing her up like Beth and trying to get her to wear a hat like Beth and everything it's creepy and disturbing

Pamela Thomas

Thank you to Dog the Bounty Hunter and lovey new wife Francine for your relentless pursuit of Brian Laundries. A tragedy like this should never happen to a precious child of any color nor should parents have to deal with a heartbreak of this magnitude. Beth is looking down on both of you with pride, joy and love. The country is watching, praying and cheering that you will apprehend Brian Laundries and he will be brought to justice. May God Keep your team safe and watch over you as you continue this journey. Please keep it going! Pam Thomas


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