Christine Brown Declares She’s Single, Sells Home, & Takes Dig At Kody

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Christine Brown of Sister Wives has been EXTRA BUSY as of late as she declared she was a single woman, officially sold her home, and took a dig at her husband (or maybe we should say her ex-husband) Kody. Christine Brown declares she’s single, sells home. The Sister Wives...

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4gbabies Buck

well legally and technically he's only married to one woman and the other ones are his living and that's something they chose for a while he had his cake and eat it too now because everything is not perfect for him these women finally found out that the better off without someone calling them a man and in love with each and one of them when on the show he criticizes each one of them behind their back I guess they don't watch the show I don't blame her I wouldn't want to live anywhere near that I'd go to a place where I wanted to raise my children and truthfully it's none of his business other than I guess biologically they're his kids but you know I can't see him paying child support cuz he's letting all his wives pay the bills they all have jobs you never see him talking about going to work

Lica Robles

Christine, Janelle. Mary are strong beautiful women. Kody was draining all of them, mentally. Now they just need to keep going ahead. Make their lifes without him. Kody is for Kody Good luck

Michelle L Behie

I’m sad she’s still in a relationship with this man🤮 she’s so smart and beautiful and she deserves a better life with real love !!


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