Giannis Antetokounmpo's jumper looks so smooth and the rest of the NBA should be terrified

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Alright, look. The caveat to start here is that it’s just preseason. Nothing that happens on the basketball court in the NBA matters to this point.

But, man. It really feels like Giannis Antetokounmpo has figured something out. Something clicked in the NBA Finals — he gave us legitimately one of the best Finals performances we’ve ever seen.

The one knock people had on Antetokounmpo was that you had to make him shoot. He was never good at shooting jumpers and, beyond that, he just never looked comfortable doing it, either. It was always a win for the defense.

In the Finals, Antetokounmpo figured that out. He got into the spaces he needed to get into without having to take jump shots. And when he did? He hit them. He shot midrange jumpers and floaters and turnaround post fades with ease. He became the best player in the world.

And it feels like some of that may carry over into this regular season. If his performance in the preseason against the Jazz is any indication? It looks like it will.

Antetokounmpo hit jumper after jumper after jumper against the Jazz. It was absolutely terrifying.

Whew boy. The league is in trouble — big trouble — if Antetokounmpo is hitting this consistently.

NBA fans everywhere took notice.

The NBA might be on notice, man. If this pullup jumper is the next evolution in Giannis’ game, it’s a wrap.

Good luck this season.

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