United barred from putting workers with COVID vaccine exemption on unpaid leave, judge rules

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleA federal judge in Texas has temporarily restrained United Airlines from placing employees on unpaid leave for seeking a medical or religious exemption from the carrier’s requirement to get a COVID-19 vaccination. US District Judge Mark Pittman in Fort Worth also temporarily restrained United from denying any late requests...

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good for that judge hopefully he can make it permanent if people don't want to get the vaccine they should not be forced to and their place of employment should not be able to put them on unpaid leave so that they cannot collect unemployment because they've made the decision of what's best for them. I don't even understand why we have this ridiculous vaccine mandate you can still carry it you can still give it to somebody so what's the point everybody should be able to make that choice for themselves.

John Devito

There was one article in Denver that the owner of 5 restaurants in Terminal C airport made a November 1st mandate or get fired. None of the cooks, dishwashers, bussers and hosts showed up to work. So there are no restaurants open in Terminal C. He immediately sent an email reversing the mandate. So it's pretty much simple: you either reverse the mandate, or you lose your business? Let Freedom ring!


All businesses who require employees to be vaxxed to keep their jobs should be held accountable in court. This an over reach of the employees rights. Employers shouldn't have this kind of power. It's unconstitutional.


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