MLB World Reacts To What Pete Rose Said About Yankees Hitter

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It’s safe to say Pete Rose was not a fan of the lineup the New York Yankees used for the American League Wild Card Game . During a recent discussion with USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, the former MVP bashed the team’s “all-or-nothing” approach. “That was the worst (expletive) lineup...

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Al Bundy

whether you like him or not, Pete Rose is one of baseball's all-time great players. He has tremendous knowledge of the game and has never been afraid to speak his mind. His career numbers are unassailable, and few played with the intensity and passion that he did.

Howard Planey

Put Pete in the Hall of Fame! Nobody will ever approach his record for hits!! He was the original hustle, never quit winner and leader! The Ray Fosse play in the All Star game was violent, but perfectly acceptable for the times! Today they’d have called him OUT & ejected him from the game!! Because just like football, baseball has become SOFT to protect the players from injury! Ray Fosse was a good player! I say Rest In Peace, brother. 🙏


stop taking these comments literally, he was making a joke with a shot at humor.. This is another example of a woke weak minded journalist


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