Chargers coach Brandon Staley gave a perfect response on Jon Gruden’s emails

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Cover picture for the articleBrandon Staley is already becoming a rising star in his first year as head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. Staley was a linebackers coach for the Bears and Broncos before spending last season as a defensive coordinator for the Rams, where he parlayed a successful year into the Chargers top...

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This is nothing more than the "Pussification" of Sports, the Military and Men in general! Frist of all, these were his personal words and opinions in an email! They didn't hurt anybody at that time! So, what "Actions" did he impose on anybody at any time?! None! Don't actions speak louder than words?! We all know that he had a "Gay" defensive player on his team, so what was done with that guy by Gruden...nothing! I would also like to know more about this racist investigation of the "Redskins!" Is this all they came out with?! 🤔


John Gruden is a racist for his thoughts 11 plus years ago while Bill Cosby is a hero for his actions.. Just goes to show you where people stand now!!!! Hippocrats!!!!

barney lisa

it's funny because this should of been exposed 10 years ago why now?? someone wants his job?? The person he disrespected should of been man enough to confront him then?? I really don't think it's about racism but his arrogance, and attitude thinking he couldn't be touched??? because blacks disrespect whites just as much but that's okay????


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