James Harden Was Pissed Off After Hearing Questions About Kyrie Irving: "No I Haven't Talked To Him!"

Cover picture for the articleThe Brooklyn Nets have made a decision to move forward without Kyrie Irving going into the new season. The All-Star guard has shown hesitation to get the vaccine, which would not allow him to play in the Barclays Center. Rather than having Kyrie play a part of the season,...

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Ronnie Mackie

What the media and everybody just leave Kyrie to make and run his own life when he sign his contract there was noting un his contract saying he had to take a vaccine to play this is why they are still paying him to not play. Kyrir chill out brother and get paid enjoy your life off the easiest money you will ever make . All these nba players are going to start dying then the people will understand why you didn't take the jab its sad but its true. This government has beening lying cheating stealing and killing for centuries why would anyone in their right common sense mind believe them. Let me give you a hint not to believe them you ready Biden Gates and FAUCCI


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