Pharmacists claim they were fired for not lying about COVID-19 vaccine

Two pharmacists are suing Kinney Drugs accusing the company of firing them for refusing to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to young people.

According to The Auburn Citizen, Joel and Katie Wood of Tioga raised concerns about the vaccine with their superiors.

The couple accused the company of telling them to ‘mislead’ patients who visited their pharmacies. Katie Wood worked at the Moravia location in Cayuga County.

Kinney says the safety of patients and employees is top priority.

The Woods’ objection apparently centered around the vaccine having only been authorized, and not approved. The COVID-19 vaccine is now approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Teresa Rao

Walgreens has given these injections to children when they were suppose to get the flu shot hmmm! stop the injections for the China flu not working ! 99.8% survival rate without the injection and children should not get these experimental unapproved injections !!!! just get life back to normal but I guess that's impossible with this administration !!!

anthony tantalo

Just because it's FDA approved doesn't mean anything. How many drugs have been given the OK and then killed people ? How many companies and drugs have lawsuits against them ? The FDA is bought and paid for.

HB Hot Tubs

Come near my child with that deadly vaccine and I promise you that you will run away screaming and crying with that syringe sticking out of your eyeball. After I snap the needle off inside your skull. I think they are dangerous. And I don't care for dangerous.


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