Meet Russian Avangard, the world’s fastest nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that’s 20 to 27 times faster than the speed of sound; can hit any target on Earth within an hour

Cover picture for the articleWith conflict brewing in Taiwan, the major military powers—China, Russia, and the United States—are taking military technology to the next frontier–outer space. In a never-ending quest to find weapons that will give each country a qualitative military edge over friend and foe alike, the three superpowers, including India, are developing a...

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Just Me a Voice

It is such a shame that our governments around the world would rather put money into ways of destroying each other and us as a race and people. When they could take all that drive and research into making this a better world socially and environmentally as well as bringing us all together as we should be one people of many skin colors and different backgrounds that we can share and learn from.

Allen Jackson

Hypersonic missiles could be the beginning of the end for humanity! Some things are better off not developing! Because the very second a launch has been detected a response of a barrage of nuclear weapons will be launched against the aggressor! Then the macabre doomsday dance will begin!

David Fosca

People get saved, salvation is to believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is this to believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the Messiah, then of God in the flesh, he was crucified,buried and rose again on the third day. Admit your a sinner and ask for forgiveness of your sins to the Lord Jesus Christ. WW3 is coming read Matthew Chapter 24 the Olivet discourse about last the sign of the last days. Read Revelation Chapter 18 in the King James Bible the United States is political mystery babylon of Revelation Chapter 18. Read "War is a Racket", the late Brigadier general Smedley Butler USMC.


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