Millions of workers quitting their jobs, here’s why

Cover picture for the articleBIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - More Americans quit their jobs in August than any other month on record, according to new data released just this week from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 4.3 million workers left their job in August alone, and experts have never seen this before....

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you and me

this is what happens when you try to make or mandate people to get vaccinated and tell them they have to get the shot or they're not going to work they'll find a place that they can work without getting a shot there's a lot of companies that will argue there's a lot of companies that are not mandating the shot and you can understand why people are quitting their jobs because they're not going to be told what they can and what they cannot do or at least that's what I think and that's my opinion and that's what I believe

Chumnley snoop

what happened to the"if we stop giving them free money then then they will work" theory. ?

Nobody in particular

"Here's why" the article states, and then proceeds to share little, if any, reason for the huge churn in employment. Way to mail it in.


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