Anne Arundel County Fire Department Employee Arrested, Remains Held Without Bond Following Threat of Mass Violence

Report Annapolis
Report Annapolis

An Anne Arundel County Fire Department employee remains held without bond after being arrested for allegedly making threats of mass violence at work.

On October 5, 2021, at approximately 12:00 p.m. officers responded to Anne Arundel County Fire Department Headquarters in Millersville for a reported threat of mass violence made by the employee, a civilian. The suspect allegedly made detailed statements to other Fire Department employees threatening to use a gun to harm people.

An arrest warrant was issued for threats of mass violence. The suspect was peacefully taken into custody by an allied agency out of the county, and was identified as:

Jordan Brent Hartlove
Denton, Maryland

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The article does not say whom he was threatening to shoot.... maybe they don't have that information yet. Whether it was a threat against his co-workers or another segment of the population, I'm glad he was reported and arrested, before he could hurt or kill anyone. I hope police will look into his social media, for any other threats he may have made, and throw the book at him. Only 24 years old, and now he's ruined his life. What a violent place America has become.

Lilly Strong

A great find fellow readers. it's a rare gem, mostly spotted in the wilds of west Virginia or the woods of Pennsylvania. count yourself lucky to feast your eyes...on a white man mug shot.

Jude Conig

Why do they say civilian? Even the Police are civilians with shinny badges.


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