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Marine officer who posted videos criticizing Gen. Milley, other military leaders faces court martial

NBC News
NBC News
 2 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA Marine lieutenant colonel who was thrown in the brig for posting videos in which he criticizes Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley and other senior military leaders for their role in the Afghanistan withdrawal will plead guilty to multiple charges at his court martial Thursday, says his attorney. Lt....

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Chris Gadbois
2d ago

regardless of what he did I would want him on my team he's got enough balls to speak his mind unlike most he did what most are scared of he stood up for what he felt was right and there should be accountability for the ignorance that killed 13 service members he did what he did because government failed him

2d ago

The left destroys anyone that speaks against them, they are the true criminals. I support and applaud this soldiers bravery.

Rod Bedgio
1d ago

Austin and milley still hav their jobs after 13 vets died no one is held accountable any more as long as u play for the left team. Did I mention the killing of 10 people with distracting drone strike. Still milley and the baboon march on spouting CRT AND WHITE RAGE. THE WHITE RAGE I HAV IS THAT THESE DIPSHITS STILL HAV A JOB


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