Illegal immigration is destroying our country

Washington Times

Cover picture for the articleBritain’s Home Office says more than 12,500 migrants have broken the law to get into the U.K. so far this year. Compare this to the nearly 200,000 migrants who have crossed the virtually nonexistent southern border just in July of this year. The count is estimated by the overwhelmed U.S. Customs...

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Peggy Hill

We already have a legal immigration system that works. What doesn't work is the lack of enforcement of what is a lawful way to enter the United States. The immigration system isn't based on who you are a decendant of. It is based on a lawful right to enter through its borders. It's documented in the United States constitution. People who enter into this country illegally do present a problem for this country and for themselves. Every country on the face of the earth has borders and all of the laws protecting such borders are enforced. It appears that the United States is the only country that is pressured into putting its American born citizens and naturalized citizens at risk to allow those who have no accountability other than to enter in illegally.

Green Jumper

The defense budget is billions of dollars and couldn't even protect the border from illegal immigrants with no gun?

Sharon Ford

once again if you are not native tribes then you are a decendant of immigrants. stop saying that immigrants illegal or not are destroying the country. you are doing that all by yourself .you know who you are .


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