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Parker, TX

Senate candidate Herschel Walker cancels fundraiser after uproar over donor’s use of vaccine-needle swastika in profile

Washington Post
 2 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA fundraiser for Republican Herschel Walker, a U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia, was canceled Wednesday after its host was criticized for featuring an image that used a swastika made out of syringes on her Twitter profile. Bettina Sofia Viviano-Langlais, a Republican donor, was set to host a fundraiser for Walker...

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The Natural
2d ago

Hershel, what did you think you were getting into when get into bed with these kind of people. Seriously, they are just using you so they can say they are not racist.

2d ago

Republican Party has no morals when it comes to being extreme in situations that are totally embarrassing to the USA.

Larry Avery
2d ago

@Raymond Douglas The Democrats do have morals because they nominated an black male who served 2 terms as President and a black/Asian female who is the current vice president. The Democrats also put the people before the party.


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