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Texas hospital CEO "deeply disappointed" by Abbott's bid to ban vaccine mandates

CBS News
CBS News
 2 days ago

Cover picture for the articleTexas Governor Greg Abbott's executive order banning vaccine mandates in the Lone Star state is not sitting well at Houston Methodist, the first hospital system in the country to require employees be immunized against COVID-19. Houston Methodist — a medical center and six community hospitals — is "deeply disappointed in...

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2d ago

So this dumbass CEO can move his hospitals to CA. They have plenty of space, as everyone has been fleeing to Texas in recent years. And don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

2d ago

How can hospital administrators be so THICK?? Anybody paying attention can see there’s a lot of people sick and dying from the shots. And they’re contributing to the problem because they refuse to use the VAERS system.

Ruben Gonzalez
1d ago

1 Re-elect Abbott=Freedom to Choose!Federal Mandate is Wrong!Biden Exempted 120Million+ frm taking Vaccine:-WH Staff-Congress-J&J co.-Pfizer co.-Postal workers-Illegal ImmigrantsTherefore not a true Mandate?So Abbott should be able to Exempt Texans.Do your research people=see the NEW Public Numbers of vaccinated dying?


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